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When you have chosen the service you would like, please contact Audra Marie on the "Contact" page first to discuss your event and services that you would like.  Just a reminder that there is a 2 hour minimum for each service.


Face painting can be cheek, half mask, or full face.  We have various designs including popular cartoon characters, generic designs like skull and butterflies, and abstract designs such as swirls and various blended colors.

Face Painting



Face Painting

Airbrush face painting is done with stencils so its faster and the makeup is sweat proof so it's perfect for pool parties or events in the summer.  We have a variety of designs just like regular face painting.


Maternity Painting is a very special and unique experience for the mother-to-be and is often referred to being very relaxing and sentimental.  It's great for Baby Showers, photo shoots, or an unexpected surprise.  (Pricing depends on complexity of design)

Starts at $125

Whether it's a logo, full body, half body, or just the face, body painting is a great option for any adult event. Pricing depends on how much of the body is painted and complexity of design.  Beyond Visuals has models that will come to your event and be transformed into living statues.

Body Art
Airbrush Henna

Imagine getting a nice henna design without waiting for it to dry.  That's where airbrush henna comes in.  It's not traditional henna but an alternative to those who hate having to be careful with their hand or arm while it dries.  The ink is just like airbrush tattoo ink in that it's alcohol based and lasts for 7 days.  The best part is that you can have the design in different colors.

Airbrush Tattoos

Airbrush tattoos can last up to 7 days or they can last for one night.  It just depends on which type of ink you prefer (alcohol based or water based)

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